Soundtech Portable Air Circulation Stand Fan

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Soundtech Portable Air Circulation Stand Fan
In Singapore’s tropical climate and insanely warm weather, fans are a definite must. But it’s simply impossible to have a fan near you at all times. Or is it, really? With Soundtech Portable Air Circulation Stand Fan, it might actually be possible! Ordinary stand fans are typically wired, require an electrical point to operate, and are heavy and bulky. Good news is - Soundtech Air Circulation Fan can be operated both wired and wirelessly at fixed or remote indoor locations! The fan is also compact, lightweight and easily portable with its carrying strap, and can be adjusted to 4 versatile heights, so you can use it as a mini fan, desk, floor or stand fan - whichever your desired use is.  
With a convenient LED display, you can choose between 4 Oscillation Angles, 4 fan speed modes, a timer of up to 8 hours and even a night light function. But what truly sets this fan apart from the rest is its unique dual-layered 16-blade design. Its structure helps speedily increase the efficiency of air flow to supply cool, soothing air into the environment. The air flow is gentle, smooth and silent (volume of 52db max, as opposed to most fans at 70db!) to provide utmost comfort and relaxation to the user whether they’re at work, rest or sleep. 
With a wind speed of 3.6-3.8m/s and an air flow distance of up to an impressive 4.7m, the Soundtech Air Circulation Fan can operate up to 9 hours at the lowest speed on just a single charge, which only requires 3-4 quick hours to be charged up. The rechargeable battery can last up to 500 cycles, saving you a ton on electricity and cost, all while playing your part to save the Earth! 
F1 speed without oscillation - Up to 9 hours of usage
F1 speed with oscillation - Up to 8 hours of usage
F2 speed without oscillation - Up to 4.5 hours of usage
F2 speed with oscillation - Up to 4 hours of usage
F3 speed without oscillation - Up to 3 hours of usage
F3 speed with oscillation - Up to 2.5 hours of usage
F4 speed without oscillation - Up to 2.5 hours of usage
F4 speed with oscillation - Up to 2 hours of usage



- 13 inch fan guard
- 4 speed levels 
- 4 oscillation angle
- 4 adjustable height levels


Product Specifications
Made in China 

Product Weight: 3.55kg 
Fan Grille: 13 inches
Rated Power: 13W
Max Noise Level: 52db
Air Flow Distance: 4.7m 
Height (different adjustable heights): 30.5cm, 36.5cm, 54cm, 72.5cm, 91.5cm 
- Remove the DC power supply
- Remove the battery
- Dampen a soft clean cloth and squeeze dry before using it to clean the external surface
- Loosen and remove the screw at the bottom of the fan to remove the cover and twist the front grille guard in counter-clockwise direction to unlock and wipe it using soft clean cloth
- To clean the fan blades,unscrew the catch that binds the blades to the fan. DO NOT dip the machine into water or be in direct contact with water. Use a clean cloth.
- Plastic cover will not get rusty
Please refer to the FAQ for queries.
Note: Please refer to the user manual for instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the fan in wireless mode in all transformations?
No. Only the stand fan and mini fan transformation which consist of the battery module in the rod that allows the fan to operate wirelessly. The desk fan and floor fan transformation will only operate in wired mode. Do not use the battery module rod directly to the base as the threading is different and might cause damage.


Why does the remote control not work at times?
The remote control is based on infra-red technology. Make sure the direction is aligned to the fan’s front.


How can I protect the battery’s lifespan?
Like all rechargeable devices, batteries have their lifespan. Refrain from overcharging, under utilising or prolonged unused storage. Unplug the power from the battery whenever its fully charged or not in use.


What’s so special about the blades?
The wind power might not be the strongest of all but it's designed to provide focused wind flow through the mid section at a soothing speed that does not interrupt your ambience and peace.

Note: Please refer to the user manual for instructions. 


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