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Yu Home Automated Laundry Rack

Majority of us either dry out laundry onto bamboo or metal poles and sun dry out of the kitchen window but unexpected downpours, bird poop or irresponsible neighbours might just send dirt onto your cleanly washed laundry. Hanging the laundry indoors could lead to foul smell if there isn't any good ventilation that has constant flow of wind. We’ve always been living in such circumstances as part of our lives but don’t you think it is time for a change?


A new, modern technology and sleek design of laundry rack that can provide you more space for laundry. With extension poles from 141.2cm to 241.5cm, Yu Home Laundry Rack is able to meet your laundry chores need from hanging daily clothes to large king size bed sheets. It is made with durable light weight aviation aluminum, able to withstand 35kg heavy duty load! With standard 7kg washing machine load, you can hang up to 5 times the load! Inbuilt with a sensor that beeps to inform you about the weight being exceeded of 35kg, there isn’t a need for you to formulate any maths for calculation. 



The main body of the system is installed with UV lights, heat air drying and wind air drying function. You can activate the UV lights using the wireless remote controller to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria.Heat air drying is simulating solar heat to dry the clothes 2-3 times faster on a rainy day. Wind air drying helps to dry clothes 2-3 times faster during sunny days. In addition, Dual negative ion function will  be automatically activated when the drying function is activated. Negative ions helps to purify air quality to reduce odour! No more wondering if there is sufficient ventilation in the service yard!


Yu Home Automated Laundry Rack saves you hussle on lifting traditional bamboo up on your ceiling or hanging on the cloth rack that occupies space in your house. You can effortlessly control the system using a wireless controller. The laundry rack can be raised and dropped to your desired height, maximum drop down distance is 120cm. If you are within the dropping range, there is no fear of getting hit by the rack as there is a built in sensor to protect you from it.


Product Specification

Made in China


Voltage : 220V/50Hz

Motor : 121 watts

LED Light: 18 watts

Heat air dryer : 600 watts x 2 sets

Wind air dryer : 17 watts x 2 sets

Negative ions generator : 5 watts x 3 sets

UV Light : 8 watts x 2 sets

Load Capacity : 35kg lifting weight

Drop-down distance : 120cm

Material : Aviation Aluminium



Length 141.5cm, expandable up to 241.5cm

User Guidelines






Frequently Asked Questions

What type of housing is suitable to install an Automated Laundry Rack System?

All Singapore Residential Housing like HDB, Condominium, Executive Condominium, Apartments, Landed properties


Do you provide Removal Service of Existing Laundry Racks? Are there any charges?

Yes, removal service of the existing laundry rack is provided at no extra cost, upon your request.


What is the material of the automated laundry rack system made of?

Our system is made up of Aviation Graded Aluminium, which is light-weight, durable and rustproof.


What is the minimum requirement for installation of the system?

The minimum space required is 150cm (length) x 60 cm (width)


What are the safety features?

When the rack comes into contact with any obstructions within its lowering range, it will stop automatically to prevent accidents.

How do I know if I have reached the max of 35kg weight acceptance? 

Yu Home Laundry Rack will sound off a notification to inform you if it has exceeded 35kg. 


Does the system come with lighting?
Yes, it comes with 18 watts LED lighting


What is the purpose of activating Dual UV lights?

Dual UV Lighting function is to kill germs & bacterias.


Will the Dual UV Light auto switch off?

Yes. The Dual UV Light will auto switch off after 30mins of sterilization.


Can Wind-Air & Solar Heat Air Drying Function be activated at the same time?

No. You can only choose to activate either function at one time.


Will the Wind-Air & Solar Heat Air Drying function auto off?

Yes. Both functions will auto off after operating for 2 hours.


What is the temperature of the Solar-Heat Air Drying Function?

Solar- Heat Air temperature is between 45~50 Degree Celsius.


Can I activate the Dual UV lights and Drying Functions at the same time?

Yes. You may activate the DUAL UV lights and either Wind-Air/ Solar-Heat Air Drying function at the same time.


Can I activate the Dual Negative Ions Function manually?

No. Dual Negative Ions Function will be automatically activated, when drying function is activated.


How can I operate the Automated Laundry Rack System?

Via Wireless Remote Controller Only.


What other uses can the Yu Home Automated Laundry Rack System be used for?

Being fascinated by all the possibilities that are packed in the technology, it is purely invented for laundry drying purposes only. Please refrain from using it for other creative non-related purposes.


Does the system come with warranty coverage?

Yes. It comes with 2 years on site warranty coverage.



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