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  • 600g polyfloral honey

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Yummi House Mini Honey

Wild honey is natural and nutritious from heaven, a precious gift of nature. Yummi House produces the highest grade honey sourced from natural wild honey comb in the forests. Out of the 60,000 different kinds of insects, only the honey bee can produce food for humans. However, natural wild honey is becoming more and more rare nowadays due to environmental factors. Honey supplements your daily living needs, and there are many different types of honey. Find one that is suitable just for you. 


A Class honey is the most popular honey in Yummi House Natural Wild Honey Collections. All Yummi House Natural Wild Honey goes through a stringent quality control process to ensure that it is 100% Natural Wild Honey with no chemical additives. All honey that falls under this classification is matured. A Class honey is divided into 3 sub-series, which are namely the Monofloral, Polyfloral and Honeydew series, each series possessing distinct health benefits. Its natural taste contains sour, sweet and bitter taste.



Polyfloral Honey

When the surroundings of a bee hive has more than one type of flowers, bees will collect nectar from many types of flowers. This type of honey is good for detoxification, relieving indigestion, promoting sleep, weight loss, beauty and skin care. This is most suitable for ladies.



The Honey Our Grandpa Used to Collect

During our childhood, Grandpa would climb mountains and brave wild forests to collect honey during his free time. Despite the pain of bee stings and long journey, Grandpa would smile and tell us that honey is the most nutritious natural supplement and let us taste the honey. Although Grandpa is old, and many trees have been cut down in the forest, the honey that Grandpa collected lingers in our memories.


Yummi House embodies the spirit of Grandpa, braving the wild forests around the world once more to collect this precious wild honey, to present it to you once more.



Product Specification

Brand of Singapore

Packed in Indonesia



Packaging Dimension: 12.2cm (Length) x 12.2cm (Width) x 11.3cm (Height)

Product Weight: 600g



How to Consume: 

1. Prepare the drinking glass or cup and wooden or plastic spoon.

2. Prepare a cup of warm water that is below 70°C

3. Use the wooden spoon to scoop up around 25 -30g of Honey.

4. Stir for 30 seconds till the honey completely dissolves from the spoon.


*Best serve with 70 °C and below warm water

*Depending on personal preferences, you may serve it warm and consume it directly or you may pour it into a shaker and add in some ice cubes to serve it as cold icy honey drinks. Add in slices of lemon will also add in the refreshing taste for your honey drinks


Note: Avoid metal utensils for best honey serving


How to Store:

1. Always remember to close to close tightly as this is to prevent unwanted moisture and unrelated odours.

2. Store under room temperature and do not keep in the fridge as it will cause honey to solidify.

3. Always clean and wash the outer part of the bottle which prevents contamination and the transference of smells onto the honey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would the honey crystallise?

This is the phenomenon of crystallisation, which occurs in most of the unheated and unprocessed honey. Some consumers may think honey crystallises due to the fact that additional sugars are added into the honey or that the bees are fed with sugar.


Honey crystallise actually is a natural physical phenomenon.Factors that affect the appearance of crystallisation are because of:(a) low storage temperature (below 13℃) or/and (b) the content of natural glucose in the honey is 60% or above.



How Can I Use the Honey?

- You can drink it by preparing the honey with warm water (<70℃),and then drink it in warm or cold.

- You can eat directly, especially best when you have a sore throat or mouth ulcer.

- You can prepare in a more saturated /syrup type, and eat it with fruits, pancake, wafer or bread.

- You can use the honey as a substitute for sugar in other food or drink, Eg coffee or tea.



What is the white layer above the honey? Can we eat it?

This is a common occurrence of fermentation as natural wild honey does not go through a heating process. The white layer is the appearance of enzymes, which form when air bubbles from the enzymes float to the top. Along the way, these bubbles trap pollen and create foam. This layer is also known as a pollen ring.



How old can a child start drinking honey?

The digestive system of a baby is still immature under 1 year old,so we suggest introducing honey to your baby only after 1 year old.


Paediatricians recommend waiting until your baby is at least 12months or 1 year old before introducing honey because honey may contain spores of bacteria that can cause botulism. This doesn't mean our honey supply is contaminated -- these bacteria are harmless to adults and children over 1.



Why are there so many types of honey?

The honey is categorised according to the environment of the honeycomb collected, which are monofloral, polyfloral and honeydew honey (wild jungle).


a) Monofloral: bees collect nectar from the same flower environment.

b) Polyfloral: bees collect nectar from multiple flowers.

c) Wild jungle: bees collect honey from nectar and tree sap.



Will back pain recover after drinking your honey?

Natural wild honey is considered as natural food, but no medicine.If taking daily, it will help to relieve and improve the conditions.The effects and the recovery duration are dependent on individual condition. If the condition is serious, please consult a medical doctor.



Can we drink your wild honey when coughing?

You can drink honey when you are coughing. The antibacterial function of honey has a certain antitussive (stop coughing) effect,and it can effectively kill the bacteria and viruses that cause sore throat.


Cold or hot coughing also can drink honey. For people who are more serious, he may cough more on the first day of drinking. On the second day, the phlegm will be discharged more, and he may feel better on the third day. Please remember to drink honey for a long term to boost your immunity.



Where does your company’s wild honey collect from?

The honey is collected from South America, Africa and SoutheastAsia. These honey are packaged in Indonesia, and exported toSingapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.



What is Natural Wild Honey and what makes it so special?

Wild honey is a natural honey that is truly produced by nature.The activity of bees is not controlled by humans, hence the honey produced has the properties of “Source”, “Quality”,“Original” and “Taste”.


a) Source: Wild honey is generally obtained in large forests or in some unpolluted forests, mainly in South America, Africa, Egypt andIndonesia.

b) Quality: The concentration of wild honey is thicker, because the bees use their wings to evaporate the water contained in the honey (less than 21%). Therefore, the nutritional value of natural wild honey is very high.

c) Original: Wild honey is only filtered, without any addition of artificial saccharin, artificial coloring and preservatives.

d) Taste: Due to the difference in environment and nectar, the honey obtained contains different tastes, nutrients and colors.Natural wild honey has the taste of sweet, sour, acerbic and bitter.



After drinking wild honey, I need to go to the toilet more frequently. Why?

Yes, some people will go to the toilet more often after drinking honey. This is because honey has natural enzymes, which are very good for bowel movements and detoxification.



Why does the same type of honey have different concentrations?

Natural wild honey is collected in different environments(including climate, forests, flowers etc.) and by different species of bees, therefore the concentration, taste, nutrients and colour will be different. In addition, the honey is simply filtered after the collection, without any processing, so the concentration of honey will be different.



Why doesn't wild honey have an expiry date and how long can honey be stored?

The real honey which does not undergo any kind of process and without additives will not expire, because honey has natural anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects. Therefore, honey is a natural preservative and has no expiry date.


Honey has been used extensively by the ancient Egyptians in their daily lives. They even painted honey on mummies as the natural preservatives.



When is the best time to drink your honey?

We recommend to consume honey on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed at night. Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning allows our intestine to absorb the nutrients in the honey and to replenish energy. Drinking at night before going to bed can help in detoxification and improve sleeping quality. Introduce the types and functions of different honey to consume in the morning (e.g. monofloral, wild jungle) and evening (e.g.polyfloral).



The wild honey is so useful and it sounds like an elixir?

In society nowadays, we take a lot of unhealthy foods such as fast food, canned foods, and processed foods. These foods contain many ingredients that are harmful for the human body, including artificial colouring, preservatives and chemicals. In addition, the nutritional value of these foods is also very low. Long-term consumption of these unhealthy foods is very harmful to our human body.


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