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How to use the product?

1. Filling the water tank
a. Fill in water until it reaches the “MAX” line of the iron.
b. Close the water tank cap tightly.
c. Empty the water tank for storage to prevent calcium build-up.
Note: Always disconnect the power plug when refilling water. Do not use water that contains chemical components.

2. Connect the steam iron to a power supply. Turn the temperature knob to your desired setting according to the fabric you wish to steam iron on. The heating indicator should light up.

3. The heating up should take about 1 minute. The indicator light will turn off when the steam iron is ready to be used. Face the heating plate towards the clothes and press the trigger to activate the steam.

4. Check the clothes’ fabric tag to confirm if it allows steam ironing.

5. When pressing the steam button, move the iron on the entire clothes for even steam. The product can be used both horizontally and vertically.

6. When the water in the water tank is all used up, fill in water carefully using the water cup provided.

7. The indicator light will turn on and off occasionally during stem ironing for reheating purposes.

8. Power off the steam iron by turning the knob anti-clockwise before switching off the power source.

9. After use, turn the setting knob anti-clockwise to deactivate the steam setting before removing the plug from the power source. Allow the heating plate to cool down before storage.

*Steam Mate can also be used for dry ironing.


General ironing

a. Wait for about 60 seconds to heat up which the red light will turn on.

b. Start ironing when the light turns off.



- After the red light turns off, you may press for steam up to 8 times.

- If you experience water spitting, the steam is not ready for use. Do allow a longer heating time before trying again.


My Steam Mate is leaking water.

Make sure the heat is turned clockwise towards the max. Do allow longer heating time before trying again. Do not activate the steam continuously for prolonged periods as the water needs time to be reheated before it can be activated as steam.


Steam Spraying gets weaker over time.

Ensure the iron is being heated up properly before use.


The burnt smell on the first use.

There will be some harmless odour for the first few uses as the heating plate is not seasoned yet. Do contact the service centre if you experience any melting on the plastic.


Why are there water stain marks and water residue droplets in the water tank?

Due to the quality check, there may be white water stain marks on the ironing plate which is dried calcium from the water used.


Why is there no steam coming out from the unit?

Due to the nature of steam products, it is not unusual to experience this when first use. Kindly follow the steps below:


1. Place a cloth below the pedestal before sitting the Steam Mate onto it.

2. Fill the measuring cup ¾ and transfer the water into the steam mate’s water tank.

3. Turn the knob clockwise to the MAX

4. Insert the plug into the electrical socket and on the power switch.

5. Wait for the Steam Mate to heat up (red light turned off). There may be pressured steam activated when the Steam Mate is heated up, allow it to continue till the steam subsides.

6. Hold the Steam Mate with the heating plate facing away from you and trigger to activate the steam burst. The first few pumps (~30 times) on the trigger will not activate any steam due to the empty reservoir tube. There should be powerful steam activated after that.


There may be white debris from the steam during this phase, continue activating the steam to allow the dried calcium to be cleared. If the re-heating light is activated, please allow the unit to heat up again before continuing.

In the case of after approximately 30 pumps and no steam is produced, please refer to the figure below to hold It vertically (heat plate facing away from you) and slide the trigger knob with your finger 10-20 times. You should hear the clicking sound “PA… PA” while triggering the knob. This action is to solve small particles that might have choked the unit and by doing so, it will allow the steam to flow.


How to install the accessories provided?

1. Do not activate the steam while attaching the accessories. Power off to prevent accidental activations. Do not touch the surface of the accessories as it might be hot.

2. Align the brush accessory with the heating plate before securing it to the steam iron.

3. To remove the attachment, press the button below the attachment to unlatch before removing the attachment


What does the 1-year warranty covers?

The warranty period is 1 year from date of purchase. Within the warranty period, new parts will be replaced. Out of warranty period: Replacement parts will be chargeable. Warranty does not include wear and tear and misuse of the product.


How to refill the steam iron?

1. Fill up the water cup (100ml).

2. Unlatch the water filling cap of the steam iron. Do not exceed the MAX line.

3. Make sure the water tank cap is securely closed.

4. Allow the steam iron to reheat before activating the steam.


How do I store the product?

1. Power off the steam iron and remove the plug from the power socket.

2. Dispose of any water left in the water tank before storage.

3. Leave the water tank cap open for storage.

4. Store the steam iron in a cool, dry place.




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