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Korea King Signature Granite Cookware Set

Korea King is the number 1 cookware in Korea, it is 100% made in Korea too! This Korea King Signature Granite Cookware Set is a brand new revolutionary premium design, to suit your household needs. The set comes with a self-standing detachable handle for you to save space as well as the convenience to move your cookware around which could also act like a plate or a bowl when you removed its detachable handle. There is a double lock feature which securely locks on to your pan or pot, therefore, there isn’t a need to worry for shaky handles which is common for normal detachable cookware brands in the market. 

The tempered glass standing lid is sturdy and will not break so easily, with its self-standing lid, you do not need to worry on storage of the lid. The unique design of the lid big steam vent prevents overflowing too.

Korea King Signature Granite Cookware is specially designed with the outer layer coated with ceramic, which is non-stick and easy to clean. The inner layer is coated with Signature Granite, which has high durability, scratch resistance and non-stick too! With a hidden IH Steel plate at the bottom of the cookware, there will be no rusting on the steel plate, and it can be used on any cooktop! Korea King Cookware does not include any PFOA & PTFE, which is safe for cooking.


Free Gift - 26cm Korea King Colourmic Fry pan

World most unique colour-changing fry pan allows you to detect the temperature of the pot, to give you a perfect stir-frying experience! Many brands in the market have colour changing effects, however, the colour only changes at a small section in the middle of the pan. However, with Korea King Colourmic Fry pan, the whole base changes colour, to give you a more even temperature when cooking! The Importance of knowing the temperature is that with a perfect temperature, it can add more fragrance to your food and to enhance the taste.

Korea King Colourmic fry pan has a non-stick and scratch resistance function. What is so unique about this pan, is the sailor shape body of the pan, which allows you to stir fry your food without it spilling out. Korea King Colourmic fry pan can also be used on any cooktop!


Do not cook under big fire, as it will harm the non-stick function of the pan.



Made in Korea


- 22cm pot: Aluminium + Steel Plate
- 28cm Wok Pan: Aluminium + Steel Plate
- 26cm Colormic Fry Pan: Aluminium + Steel Plate
- 22cm Tempered Glass Standing Lid: Glass + Bakelite 
- 28cm Tempered Glass Standing Lid: Glass + Bakelite
- Detachable Handle: PP + Bakelite + Silicon


- 22cm pot: 662g
- 28cm Wok Pan: 778g
- 26cm Colormic Fry Pan: 810g
- 22cm Tempered Glass Standing Lid: 532g
- 28cm Tempered Glass Standing Lid: 804g
- Detachable Handle: 206g


- 22cm Pot: 22cm (Diameter), 9.7cm (Depth)
- 28cm Wok Pan: 28cm (Diameter), 8.7cm (Depth)
- 26cm Colormic Fry Pan: 26cm (Diameter)
- Glass Lid: 22cm (Diameter) & 28cm (Diameter)
- Detachable Handle: 19cm (Length), 4.2cm (Width)


When you receive the cookware

Kindly wash the cookware before usage. For long-lasting usage of the cookware, it is recommended to lightly coat a layer of oil on the surface for the first time and wash it off.



After the pan cools down after use, scrub gently with a sponge and neutral detergent, then rinse with water. Avoid using metal scourers or abrasive scrubs.

Detachable Handle

Please do not wash inside of Detachable Handle. Just clean the surface.



- Do not cook under high heat or fire
- To prolong the lifespan of your cookware, do not wash the cookware right after cooking, allow it to cool down before washing.
Do not disassemble the detachable handle. 
Recommend using Silicon or wood tools for your cooking to prolong the lifespan of your cookware.



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