Don't know what to get for CNY gifting? You can't go wrong with hampers. Check out these recommended hampers packaged with a variety of top quality ingredients perfect for this festive season! 


Super Grade CNY Festive Bundle

Starting off strong, this Super Grade CNY Festive Bundle mainly comes with premium yoshihama abalone (brined, braised and even in mala flavours!) harvested and selected from the waters of Southern Australia and Japan, as well as quality premium grade mushroom. It also includes top grade bird’s nest in different flavours like red dates, vegan collagen and ginseng, all processed under state-of-the-art technology for quality sterilization! Only premium quality ingredients here, making it perfect for CNY gifting.




Genki CNY Bundle

Genki CNY Bundle boasts quality bird’s nest, made from 100% genuine bird nest with jasmine flower buds to help alleviate fatigue and promote youthful and smooth complexion. The bundle also comes with BRAND's Essence of Chicken that's fat, cholesterol and preservative-free as well as low in sodium, making it suitable for all ages. Last but definitely not the least, it also includes Health+ Waist Tonic for strengthening the lower back and bones. Containing 8 natural ingredients to help relieve waist ache, strengthen the bones, vitalise the kidneys and liver, this tonic also helps boost energy levels and general health, and doesn't fall short on taste as well.



Kinohimitsu God Of Fortune Bundle

This last bundle offers a great selection of a variety of high quality ingredients and flavours - the signature Imperial Buddha Jumps Over The Wall consists of superior quality Japanese abalones with a pleasant chewy texture and special braised sauce made with old hens stewed for 72 hours. There’s also First Grade New Zealand Wild Abalone wild caught from New Zealand, Kinohimitsu Ginsence that contains top-performing double ginseng extract and ume plum and to top it all off- Fruity Camellia Tea Bird’s Nest, which combines 100% genuine deluxe quality Bird’s Nest with 2 refreshing fruity flavours to nourish your body while retaining the nutrients of the black tea and embracing its fragrant aroma.





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