If you’re racking your brains yet again on what to get for Valentine’s Day this year, fret no more. We’ve got just the perfect gifts for you. They’re useful, thoughtful, and the best part? They’re inexpensive and are all under $50! 


Convenient Insulated Thermalware

If your partner works at the office or is constantly on the go, Arctic Commute Set was made just for them. It comes with a handy Arctic Flip Seal Tumbler that holds up to 900 ml while keeping cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours! The smoked spill-proof flip lid prevents spillage with a tapered design that fits almost any car’s cup holders. It’s also sweat-free, so you won’t have to deal with annoying trickles of condensation. But that’s not all. The set also includes the Arctic Food Jar. Cook for your partners and pack their lunches inside the jar, and they’ll still get to enjoy it all nice and warm. Made using 304 High Quality Stainless Steel, it provides superior double-wall insulation and a layer of copper coating that enhances insulation, so food is kept warm for up to 12 hours! Compact, convenient and 100% the perfect VDay gift. 




Back-support Pillow

Here’s another one for the office workers, as well as those who are constantly driving or sitting in the same position for long hours. Ultimo Comfy Curve is an amazing back-support pillow ergonomically designed to hug the ‘S curve’ of one’s lower spine and lumbar region. Whether you’re lying in bed, sitting on the sofa or driving to work, it’s all you ever need for top-notch back support. Made from ultra-plush memory foam, the fully-adjustable design is perfectly contoured to support your back and spine, filling in the space beneath it as you sit, providing lumbar support while taking pressure off the tailbone. The attachable lumbar insert with a microbead core lets you instantly customize the pillow by adding extra support for better posture wherever and whenever. Super foolproof gift that your partner will love! 



9 in 1 Water Glow Mask

If there’s one gift you can’t go wrong with, it’s skincare. Doctorcos Snow White Glow Mask is a 9 in 1 water glow mask that works as an anti-wrinkle face cream, an eye cream, a mask sheet, washless sleeping pack and more. It’s extremely versatile and is especially perfect for those with dry skin. With up to 120 hours of moisturizing effect, it strengthens the elasticity of your skin, improves eye wrinkles, dermis tightness and pores. It even provides a nourishing and whitening effect and has sebum controlling properties. Made with natural ingredients, it’s also fragrance free, so you can use it with ease. Pro tip- put on the mask together with your partner for some fun couples bonding! 




Botanical Health/Beauty Grape Beverage

Last but not least, we have Kinohimitsu’s Resvera K°18 on our list. It’s a botanical beverage grape juice made with yeast extract and grape seed extract that has age-defying properties to give your skin a healthy, youthful glow. Packed with polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants, not only does it improve skin moisturization and elasticity, but it also provides health benefits such as improving immunity, blood circulation and cell renewal functions. It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties and even helps promote cardiovascular health. Made from 9 active natural ingredients such as grape seed, green tea and acai berry extract with no preservatives and no sugar added, it definitely doesn’t fall short on taste as well! 




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