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Ultimo Comfy Curve

Ultimo Comfy Curve is a back-support pillow, which is ergonomically designed to hug the ‘S curve’ of your lower spine and lumbar region. Made from ultra-plush memory foam, the fully-adjustable design is perfectly contoured to support your back and spine. At night, Comfy Curve fills the void between your back and the mattress helping you feel better and sleep better. But, it’s not just for people who sleep on their backs, it provides perfect support for side sleepers too. Whether lying in bed, sitting on the sofa or driving to work, your lower back needs all the support you can give it and Comfy Curve is the ideal addition to your back-support routine that can offer instant relief and all the fully-adjustable support your lower back needs.

Your lower back, or lumbar region, is a weak-point when it comes to potential damage, wear-and-tear and possible injury. It’s the most common area for pain and suffering because, as your spine descends towards your lower half, it bends in the shape of an elongated ‘s’ with a natural curve that can come under extreme stress as we move, sit and bend. Over time that ‘S’ bend needs support so that it can handle all the pressure your upper body puts on it, as well as the effects of poor posture and a bad sleeping position. Comfy Curve is designed specifically to ‘hug’ that gentle curve, filling in the space beneath it as you lie down, or behind it as you sit, giving you much-needed support in your lower back.

Comfy Curve is adjustable and adaptable to make it the ultimate day-and-night- back support pillow. Whether you are sitting upright, lounging, or lying down flat, even on your side. Bad backs are aggravated by sitting, but Comfy Curve adds lumbar support and takes pressure off the tailbone. The attachable lumbar insert, with a microbead core, lets you instantly customize the pillow by adding extra support for the best night’s sleep.

Using any kind of back support can often be uncomfortable because they tend to be designed to constrict and squeeze your back. Comfy Curve is made from ultra-plush memory foam. This means that not only is it super comfy and soft, but it’s also firm enough to mould and compress in the exact way that is specific to the unique shape of your back. It’s like having a special mould of your own lower back made just for you, that fits you perfectly, every time you use it. This means you have the ultimate comfort and support in every inch of your lower back, right where you need it most.


Product Specifications:
Made in China

Product Dimension: 40cm (Length) x 23cm (Width) 
x 12.5cm (Height)
Product Weight: 0.41kg

Pillow - Polyurethane Foam
Cover - 100% Polyester

Use while sleeping or sitting for the ultimate comfort and support!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ultimo Comfy Curve work?
Ultimo Comfy Curve is perfectly contoured to support your back and spine, ideal for relieving pressure and lower back pain exactly where you need it! It is ergonomically designed to hug the S-curve of your spine and works by filling the void between your back and the mattress or chair, helping you feel and sleep better!


How do I wash my Ultimo Comfy Curve?
Your Ultimo Comfy Curve cover is machine washable and dryer safe. Unzip to remove the cover and microbead pouch. *Do not put memory foam pillow or microbead pouch in washer or dryer.
COVER: Machine wash gentle cold, tumble dry low. DO NOT bleach or dry clean.
MEMORY FOAM: Surface clean with moist cloth.


What is the attachable lumbar support for?
The attachable lumbar insert allows you to instantly customize the pillow by adding extra support exactly where you need it. Ultimo Comfy Curve can be used with or without the attachable lumbar insert to get customized support for your back while sleeping, driving, working, or lounging.




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