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Meet DermaWand Pro, the revolutionary at-home device clinically proven to rejuvenate your skin. No surgery, no needles - the DermaWand Pro uses gentle micro-currents to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, and uneven texture. Now with 3 extra treatment levels to help you achieve your youngest, healthiest looking skin.


The gentle microcurrent and radio frequency technologies deliver thermal energy under the skin's surface. Increasing dermal skin temperature may help promote skin's healthy appearance. DermaWand’s gentle RF microcurrent stimulates the epidermal layers of your skin at up to over 100,000 cycles per second—bringing nutrient-rich blood to the surface, generating a massage effect. Massage helps increase circulation which brings fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen to the skin's surface.Revitalizing skin that looks years younger.


As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain and use oxygen for tissue repair. But not to worry: DermaWand Pro's patented technology gives off enriched oxygen, bathing your skin in O3 and giving a fresh, 'after rainstorm' fragrance. Enriched oxygen can help breathe new life into your skin. DermaWand Pro technology can even help reduce pore size. 



How to use: Prior to using the DermaWand Pro, cleanse and moisturize skin for best results.

During Phase 1 (3 Minute Sweep) of using DermaWand Pro, sweep the wand across your entire face.

For Phase 2 (Facial Exercise Routines) and a step-by-step outline on how to further use the DermaWand Pro, view the user manual that can be found with your purchase or on our website.


Made in China

Voltage: 220~240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 3W 



• Always unplug DermaWand® immediately after using. 

• Do not use DermaWand® while bathing.

• Do not place or store DermaWand® where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.

• Do not place DermaWand® in or drop into water or other liquid.

• Do not reach for DermaWand® that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately.

• DermaWand® is a sealed unit, do not attempt to open the case. If damaged, call Customer Care.

• DermaWand® comes with a convenient storage bag.  Use this to protect your beauty device.



Always feeling sweaty not having the Aircon on while you put on makeup or hate the fan blowing from the side getting your hair all messed up? 


Now with BIU Brite Breeze mirror, it’s soft LED ring light casts a soft, clear glow on your face that’s comfortable to the eyes, improving details which makes applying makeup, gradients and contours easier and more fun than ever. Even the men will appreciate the distortion-free reflection that's perfect for beard trimming and shaving! Plus you get a comfortable breeze blowing calmly at your face without getting your hair messing up. 3 fan speeds, 3 LED light brightness setting options and touch sensitive control buttons. 

With a 6.7” Diameter mirror with a 5x magnification of this mirror allows you to apply makeup better especially in tricky areas such as the eyes and lips. This is a considerable advantage especially for people who frequently wear eye or lip liners. If you normally wear glasses, the magnification level of this mirror will allow you to apply makeup without having to put your glasses on to see well. You can also use the mirror to put on contacts. Foldable and great portability to allow fuss free travelling . What more could you ask for?


Product configuration:  

1) USB cord 1x

2) 5X Magnifying Mini Mirror 1x

3) Instruction manual

4) Colour box




Frequently Asked Questions

How does DermaWand Pro work?

DermaWand generates Radio Frequency (RF) waves that produce thermal energy, stimulation, and enhanced oxygenation. Together, these 3 things exert a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It’s the same technology that costs thousands of dollars at a spa or doctor’s office.


How do I know DermaWand really works?

There are many ways to know! For starters there’s the RF technology that’s FDA-cleared for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Then there’s our double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, which proved that DermaWand delivers dramatic improvements in your appearance. Last but not least, just look at the results on our Success Page and read the many glowing reviews of women who love their results using DermaWand!


Where can I use DermaWand?

You can use it anywhere you want your skin to look younger, smoother, and tighter—face, neck, arms, legs, chest.


Should I use a moisturizer before or after DermaWand?

We recommend applying a moisturizer before use. This allows DermaWand to glide smoothly over your skin without pulling or tugging.


Can I use DermaWand with other creams and lotions?

Absolutely! DermaWand is compatible with all moisturizers and anti-aging lotions. Together, DermaWand with a good skin-care regimen will only improve your results.


How often should I use DermaWand?

You only need to use your DermaWand for at least 3 minutes each morning and evening. It takes about as much time as brushing your teeth.


I hear people talking about DermaWand’s “Lifted Look.”™ What is that?

“The Lifted Look”™ starts at the eyes, where DermaWand visibly lifts the eyebrows—giving them a more feminine arch. This makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter, and even helps lift and tone the appearance of the skin under the eyes. It’s the most noticeable way that DermaWand helps your skin to look younger and more beautiful.


Does DermaWand help reduce the appearance of pore size?

Yes, your pore size will appear visibly reduced. DermaWand can also help clean build-up of debris in skin pores, reducing the pitted appearance.


Who should not use DermaWand?

Do not use DermaWand if you suffer from rosacea or excessive broken capillaries. Do not use DermaWand if you have a pacemaker or other electrical medical device. If you are not sure, consult your physician. If you are pregnant, or if you suspect that you are pregnant, we recommend you postpone use of your DermaWand. DermaWand makes no claims to diagnose, mitigate, treat or correct specific skin disorders or diseases. DermaWand is for cosmetic use only.


Is DermaWand tested on animals?

No, DermaWand and the DermaVitál products are 100% cruelty-free. All Clinical Trials for the DermaWand have been conducted on volunteers.


Does DermaWand hurt or sting?

No. You will feel some stimulation upon contact with the tip but it does not sting, burn, or harm. There is a toning dial on the end of the DermaWand. We advise that you initially start at the lowest setting and increase the setting as you get comfortable using the device. We recommend you first try DermaWand on the back of your hand to get used to the sensation. 


What is the Money Back Guarantee Period?

14 Days Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty 


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