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Health+ PowerWave Hot and Cold Massager

Ever had a backache due to long sitting hours or experiencing muscle soreness after your workout? Yes there are many other options to relieve these but wouldn’t having a handy partner by your side make your life easier? Of all home massaging devices you can choose from, there’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out. The Health+ PowerWave Massager, a cooling and heating all-in-one device, with continuous vibration massage, 5 different intensities and speeds, and temperature switch mode. Bringing you a pleasing comfortable experience to soothe those aches and sores whenever you need it.




Easily fit into any travel bag or storage. Bring it with you to work, on the train, plane, and in the car. The front-grip handle and ergonomic design make it easy to access hard-to-reach spots. The nodes go to work on stress and tension knots, loosening them while simultaneously invigorating and rejuvenating your entire body.




HoMedics Percussion Massager is completely customizable. It offers powerful dual pivoting massage heads to reach those painful knots. Enjoy the 5 different speed settings allowing you to enjoy a gentle, relaxing massage or a more vigorous, deep tissue massage. Don’t forget to choose between a heated or cooling massage!




This deep kneading handheld massager has a heating or cooling option. It will deliver instant heat or cold to enhance your massage experience. The use of heat helps to relax tight, tender muscles. The cooling function soothes inflammation caused by lifting weights, playing sports, and other exercise. The heating and cooling function can be used alone or with the massage function. Pair either setting with your massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.



This Dual Temperature portable massager is the best choice to help melt away your stress and tension knots. It works great for muscle soreness, stiffness, chronic pain, poor blood circulation, joint pain, arthritis, and sports injuries. Its ergonomic design allows you to perform your own massage on any part of your body!


You deserve to feel comfortable, relaxed, and in control. Gain the feeling of total relaxation when you take a moment to care for your muscles with the powerful Health+ PowerWave Hot and Cold Massager, embracing the relief to all manner of aches and pains. The therapy not only helps boost your immune system, but It also helps eliminate metabolic waste in the tissues by stimulating the lymphatic system. Life should be easy, and it certainly will feel that way once your muscles are relaxed with the Health+ PowerWave Massager.



Operation Instructions:

1. Plug the adaptor into the power socket, if the light of the power button shows red, this status is just a standby status, all other functions can’t work

2. Press the power button once, the light of it will change to blue, this is the ready status, now you could use all functions of the machine.

3. When pressing the cooling button shortly, the refrigeration functions will start with basic cold mode. Pressing the cooling button for more than 3 seconds, the refrigeration function starts with strengthening cold mode. (Suggest to use this function only when the temperature < 28 celsius) And press the button again to turn it off.

4. When pressing the heating mode button shortly, the heating functions will be basic heating mode. When pressing the heating button for more than 3 seconds, the heating functions will start with strengthening heat mode. (Attention: Only use this function when the basic mode heat is not enough).

5. Cooling and heating mode cannot be used simultaneously. When one mode is started, the other one will automatically shut down.

6. By pressing the speed button, you can choose 5 levels of speed to see which is best for you.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Before cleaning, please make sure that the device is turned off, and the power plug has been pulled out from the power socket. Please use a dry cloth to clean the product.



Product Specifications

Made in China


Power: 36W

Voltage: 12V DC

Weight: 1.5kgs/2.2kgs

Product Dimension: 37cm*17cm*17cm

Rated time: 15mins


Cautions: If you have any prevailing health conditions, please consult your doctor prior to using. Read the manual instructions carefully. Use this product only for its intended use as described in the manual. The manufacturer and distributor are not liable for any misuse. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range to use this product?

The device is intended for use by age 18 and above. It is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities.


Can I turn both the hot and cool function mode on at the same time?

No. The cooling and heating mode cannot be used simultaneously. When one mode is started, the other mode will be automatically turned off.


Is the product waterproof?

No. The product is not waterproof. Please avoid the use of products near any source of water to prevent shock and injury.


What is the dimension of this product?

The product dimensions are 37cm*17cm*17cm.


How do I store it?

Wait until the appliance has cooled down before storing it Keep the cord away from heated surfaces. Do not pull, twist, or wrap the cord around the appliance.


What does each vibration mode do?

The vibration level indicates the power level of the vibrates with level 1 being the weakest and level 5 being the strongest.


Does it start heating up as soon as it is plugged in?

There is a power button for you to turn it on and off, however, do always unplug the appliance after use.



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