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Health+ Steam Foot Massager

Having a long tiring day wondering what’s the perfect way to unwind? If you haven’t been exploring options, a great hot foot massager is the way to go! But you will come to realise that you need to cook hot water and then mix to lukewarm, then you can soak your feet and relax, leading to another routine of carrying the tub to a basin to dispose the water thereafter, with your wrinkled wet heavy feet walking across the floor. It’s time for a change!


Overturning traditions and saving your time, pamper yourself with HEALTH+ Steam Foot Massager instead! Abandon the trouble that comes with a traditional foot bath. It is equipped with a super-efficient steam system, which will generate steam after just 30 seconds. Once heated, the machine will keep a warm and comforting temperature for 20 minutes. It can help to revive your feet by gently massaging and soothing your feet. It transforms room temperature water into steam in just a minute and helps to maintain a consistent temperature. Designed to prevent hot water backflow to the water tank and from overflow, hence, making it easy to carry around. 


Ergonomically designed foot massager to equip with massage function, you can also experience massage while steaming. It comes with foot rollers and cobblestones. It helps to stimulate the acupuncture point. Whether you need to relax your feet and reduce swelling, or want to reduce stress and get a good night's sleep. HEALTH+ Steam Foot Massager can help you with all of these!


It is the most environmentally friendly and water-conserving foot spa. All you need is less than a cup of water and combining the touch of rolling massagers with the soothing effects of steam, it offers an innovative foot spa experience. 


Picture that! Having a private spa and a personal foot masseur at home is no longer a dream. With HEALTH+ Steam Foot Massager’s innovative design, you can enjoy these luxuries from the comfort of your home!




Product Specification

Made in China


Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Power: 420W

Product Dimension: 27.5cm (Height) x 37.8cm (Length) x 38cm (Width)

Weight: 4kg

Water Tank Capacity: 0.18L



Directions on usage: 

1.Fill the bottle with water to the max line and put it back.

*Do not use liquids other than tap or freshwater


2. Make sure the drain water tank is empty.

*If water inside the water tank. Pull out the water tank  to drain the water


3. Set the temperature and massage level

*To activate massage function, you should have both foot rollers installed in the tub. Situations with single or no foot rollers in the product will not activate massage functions.


4. Set operation timing


5. After finishing, press the button to release the remaining water and clean the water tank.


*For more information kindly refer to the user manual



- To reduce the risk of electricity, always unplug the product from the electrical outlet immediately after use and before cleaning

- Do not put or soak the product in water

- This appliance only can be used by children aged from 8 years 

- After use the appliance should be cleaned to avoid the accumulation of grease and other residues






Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you use a steam foot massager?

Ideally more than 10 – 20 minutes at a time. There are no restrictions to the duration so if you wish to carry on another round, simply top up more water as per container will last 20 minutes.


How different is this steam foot massage from soaking my feet in hot water?

You will not experience heavy feet as compared to soaking in water. You might not even experience wrinkles on your toes due to over soaking, yet still getting all the benefits of the therapy.


Where does all the water go after the container is finished after 20 minutes?

There is a catchment container to collect the water from the steam. Simply remove the case and dispose the water. Prior to doing so, please make sure that all the steam has been fully released by pressing the eject button.


How do I use the foot massager roller?

It's an electric roller massager, simply place your feet comfortably over it and select the speed level that you prefer.


Do foot massage rollers really work?

Massaging your feet not only relieves sore muscles, it stimulates pressure points, bringing wellness to your entire system, an alternative to the painful experience from walking on pebbles.


Is the steam foot massager good for your health?

Yes, it can help loosen up your sore, aching muscles and also applies strategic pressure on tight muscles, tendons and ligaments, thus getting rid of pain. It also boosts your blood circulation, which helps with healing and keeps your muscles and tissues healthy. 


Can I use any brand of dried flowers/herbs or fragrance to steam my feet?

Please do not add any foreign solution into the water other than tap water itself as it might damage the steam emission motor. We do not recommend other brands of dried flowers/herbs as it might not be suitable for this purpose.


How do I upkeep the steam massager?

After every use, please make sure that the excess water is disposed of and the container is being cleaned and wiped dry before storage. Other parts of the steam massager can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Please do not rinse or soak the whole machine.



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