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Lapovo Smoothie 
Health is Wealth, keep this treasure safe!
The world is changing rapidly. People are living in a fast-paced environment and are more health-conscious, taking care of and improving their health. Lapovo smoothie, a delicious tropical fruit-flavored diet smoothie is here to help with that! 

Lapovo Smoothie is made with 175 kinds of plant enzymes, 21 different spur food formulations and 7 types of multi-grain koji mix. It contains Lactobacillus, oligosaccharides, vitamins and minerals that aids and improves the digestive system. It’s 100% manufactured in Japan using advanced technology that makes the raw material of high-quality powder smoothies, with ingredients such as Chia Seeds, Cereal Koji, Psyllium Husk and many other active ingredients to make you feel fuller.

Drink this before a full meal so as to consume less. Moreover, given the low calorie intake, it takes little to no effort to burn it off. With 175 ingredients in one packet, the nutritional intake is comparably higher than any other smoothie that you have ever drank. 

Lapovo Smoothie Pink Beauty is made with 7 different types of multi-grain koji mix, 14 vegetable mix, plant origin lactic acid bacteria + galacto-oligosaccharide and beauty boosting vitamins and minerals - such a steal!

Apart from helping you to slim down, this Lapovo Pink Beauty is also suitable for those who are troubled with their skin problems. This is possible because of the numerous vitamins, such as Vitamin A, C, B1, B2 and more, that are present in the beauty boosting vitamins and minerals that are part of the ingredients. Moreover, this smoothie contains fish collagen that makes it easier for your body to absorb.

Delicious and low in calories, meticulously care and strive for the flavor which you can pleasantly drink in your daily life!
- Tropical Mixed Fruits Flavour (Green Diet), it is only 32 kcal per meal
- Strawberry Flavour (Pink Beauty), it is only 28 kcal per meal


Product Specifications
Made in Japan

Capacity: 30g each
Key Ingredients: 175 types of fermented plants and fruits, 21 types of superfoods, 14 types of vegetables, 7 types of multigrain, Psyllium husk, Glucosamine, Chia seeds
Direction on Consumption:
1. Put 1 sachet in a shaker/cup
2. Add 100-150cc of water 
3. Mix well
4. Leave it for 3-5 minutes to become stickiness and hence makes you feel full
It is not recommended to put hot water as it will destroy the nutrients inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Lapovo Green and Lapovo Beauty?
The main difference between Lapovo Diet (Green) and Lapovo Beauty (Pink) is that Lapovo Beauty (Pink) has an added ingredient of fish collagen, which helps users with skin problems too. On top of that, Lapovo Beauty (Pink) has a lower calorie value compared to Lapovo Diet (Green).
Can Vegetarians/Vegans drink Lapovo Smoothie?
Vegetarians can drink Lapovo Diet (Green) but not Lapovo Beauty (Pink) as Lapovo Beauty (Pink) contains fish collagen.
Can people with Diabetes drink Lapovo?
Please consult your doctor before purchase to be safe. Lapovo does not contain sugar as sweeteners are used instead. It was proven from many laboratory reports that sweetener will not affect blood sugar level. However, there are factors affecting your blood sugar level, such as the food that you consume too. So diabetic patients have to take what they eat into consideration as well. 
Does Lapovo have any added sugars?
Lapovo is made of natural ingredients using fruits and vegetables and does not contain sugars. Only sweetener is being used in this product.
Can cancer patients consume Lapovo?
Based on our understanding, Lapovo is made of natural ingredients using fruits and vegetables. However, an individual's health differs from person to person, so it is better to consult your doctor before making the purchase.
Can pregnant ladies consume Lapovo?
As health is a subjective matter, please consult your doctor before making the purchase.

Can I consume Lapovo together with other medicinal, drugs or herbal products?
In normal circumstances, there should be no issue as Lapovo is made from natural ingredients. However, if you are concerned about any side effects, please consult your doctor before making your purchase. 
When does Lapovo expire?
It expires about 2 years from the year that you received your very own Lapovo
How many packets are there in one big packet of Lapovo?
In one big packet, there are 30 small packets.
How many times should I drink Lapovo in a day?
For a more significant slimming effect, you may consume up to a maximum of 2 packets a day. Otherwise, 1 packet a day is sufficient.
When can I drink Lapovo?
It can be consumed at any time of the day. There is no optimal time for consumption, as an individual's lifestyle differs.
When I’m menstruating, can I drink Lapovo?
It should not be an issue as Lapovo is made of natural ingredients. 
Alternative ways of drinking Lapovo?
You may mix Lapovo with fruits to make a smoothie.
What is the recommended age to consume Lapovo?
There are no age limits as Lapovo is meant to be a nutrition support product. 
- For Lapovo Beauty Pink, apart from slimming down, it is also great for users with skin problems
- Easier to manage calorie intake!
- Contains 175 different types of enzymes for better digestion system
- Boost nutrition intake
- Quality supplement according to Japanese standards.
- Build immune system
- Contains barley leaves which control cholesterol level, reduce inflammation in chronic disease, improves bone well-being


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