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No!No! Micro Hair Remover

Are you exploring self grooming or have tried so many methods, hating the painful experience of epilating or waxing and are unwilling to pay for expensive IPL sessions and won't work for all types of skin tones and hair colour... So, you end up shaving instead?

Problems with shaving? Razor can leave bumps or cause hair ingrowns and It gets really prickly and unsightly when the new hair grows out (looks like rambutan). Ever heard the more you shave, the thicker it looks? It works the same way as plant pruning! Sounds like the easy way isn't always the best way.


Time to get sexy, smooth skin at home with no pain with no!no!®. The patented Thermicon® Technology is only found in no!no!® products. This technology uses the scientific principles of thermal transference. Gentle heat glides over the skin removing stubble from the surface while simultaneously treating the hair for long-lasting results†. Patented Thermicon® Technology has built in safety mechanisms that enables no!no!® to adapt professional hair removal technology for safe and effective home use.

Since this technology is color-blind, no!no!® is safe to use on all skin tones and effectively treats and removes all hair colors on the face or body.



Pain-Free, Gentle Heat

Patented Thermicon® Technology uses the scientific principles of thermal transference to painlessly target hair below the skin’s surface with heat and slow its regrowth.


Safe For All Skin Tones

Unlike those costly laser treatments, the no!no!® is safe to use on all skin tones because it does not target pigment. It can even be used over tattoos!


Zero Side Effects

Clinical studies have shown no lasting side effects associated with the proper use of the no!no!® technology.




What To Expect?


Mild Tingling

While everyone is different, some people experience a mild tingling when they first use no!no!®, especially over sensitive areas. This sensation fades and disappears after a few treatment sessions.


It is not uncommon to feel a warming of the skin. If it is uncomfortably warm during treatment, take short breaks between use in any one area.

Consistence = Better Results

In order to see the maximum results continue to use your no!no! device consistently.



Perfect For:



Forget the expensive laser treatments and waxing salon visits – get a silky-smooth look from the comfort of your own home. Simply glide the no!no!® over your arms to instantly remove hair.


Say goodbye to painful razor burn and bumps! With continued use of the no!no!®, unwanted underarm hair will be a thing of the past without any unnecessary pain.


Forget the expensive laser treatments and waxing salon visits – get a silky-smooth look from the comfort of your own home. Simply glide the no!no!® over your arms to instantly remove hair.





It is normal to have a distinct smell when using No!No!, it’s just Thermicon® Technology doing its work to crystallize the hair!



Replace your typical shaving routine with no!no! treatments, making sure the hair is at least 1mm long. With continued use, you will be able to go longer in between treatments.



- Make sure the device is charged. Remove the cap. 

- Choose the Thermicon tip based on what area you are treating. Use the narrow tip for the face, bikini or underarm and the wide tip for larger areas like legs, arms and back. Insert the Thermicon tip into the no!no! device. 

- Turn on the device by pushing the button on the top. 

- Glide the no!no! device across your skin over the hair (you must have "stubble" for the no!no! device to work) in the opposite direction of the hair regrowth. 

- Expect to smell the hair crystalizing, that means it is working! 

- Buff the treated hair off. If any hair remains, repeat the process. 

Note: not for use on sensitive areas and if you feel any discomfort, stop use of the device immediately. 

For best results, use as often as a razor for the first 4-6 weeks, and then use as needed. Do not use it on your nipples or genitals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it smell so bad?

The patented Thermicon technology uses the scientific principles of thermal transference (also known as heat) to treat unwanted hair. When gliding your handset along the treatment area, gentle heat attaches to the hair follicle, travels below the skin’s surface and crystalizes it at the root. That “burning” smell, it means the no!no! is working! Yes we call it the smell of success, as when the gentle pulse of heat removes and crystallizes the hair,  there will be some smell. 


Do I always need to use the buffer pad after using no!no!®?

Buffing exfoliates, removes treated hair and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Without buffing, treated hair remains on the skin leaving a prickly feeling. We suggest buffing after every use for the best result.


Does it hurt?

no!no!® is completely painless.


Can I shave and use no!no!® at the same time?

You can shave and no!no!® at the same time, but this will affect results and how quickly you can achieve hair reduction. If you continue to shave, wait for at least 1mm of hair regrowth before using no!no!® It is best to shave after a no!no!® treatment, not before.


Can I use it every day?

We do not recommend using no!no!® every day. Hair regrowth will not be sufficient for a successful treatment (1mm minimum length). We recommend you wait for stubble to show before doing a no!no!® treatment.


Does no!no!® work on all skin complexions?

YES!!! no!no!® does not use light; therefore it works safely on all complexions.


Can no!no!® give you skin cancer?

No. no!no!® does not use any form of cancer


Does it work on all colour hair? Gray, white or blond?

YES!!! no!no!® is colourblind.


When should I start to notice weeks of long-lasting results?

Hair does not grow in the same place at the same time, no!no!® takes time and patience and will be different for each person.


Can no!no!® be used on long hair?

Yes, but it may take more time to treat the hair.


Does no!no!® work on coarse or thick hair?

no!no!® works just as well on thick, coarse hair as it does on thin. However, because of the nature of coarse hair, results may take a bit longer to become noticeable.


What studies are available on the no!no!®?

Below are a list of studies conducted using no!no!® • Efficacy Evaluation of Hair Removal Using the no!no!® Thermicon™ Technology - Sustained Use An Independent Efficacy Evaluation Consumer Products Testing Company Inc., May 2014 • no!no!® Thermicon™: A Novel, Home-based Hair Removal Device Radiancy Clinical Department: May 2006


What's the difference between no!no!® and professional salon or spa treatments? i.e.: wax, electrolysis or laser?

No!no!® is pain free, costs less, does not use light as laser and IPL treatments do. Therefore, it is safe and effective for all complexions and hair colours. Unlike electrolysis, no!no!® treats more than one hair at a time. No cooling gels, safe for all skin types and effective on all hair colours


Will hair grow back?

Yes. However it will grow back thinner and finer with continued use. If you stop using no!no!®, hair may eventually return to its previous pattern.


Will I have to use it 2-3 times a week forever?

We recommend in the first few months to use no!no!® at least 2-3 times per week; afterwards you will only need to maintain the results.


How long do results last?

Everyone's hair growth pattern is different. If you continue to use your no!no!® you will see long lasting results.


Is the no!no!® treatment likely to lead to a permanent hair removal?

Electrolysis is the closest thing to permanent hair removal. The no!no!® is long lasting when you continue to maintain your results.


Is it safe to use no!no!® while pregnant?

Please consult your doctor before using no!no!® during pregnancy.


Will no!no!® harm or affect my tattoos in any way?

no!no!® does not use light and should not affect tattoos.


Are there any side effects like bumps, pimples and redness?

Studies show no lasting side effects associated with the proper use of no!no!® like bumps and pimples (See the sections on the Slow Glide and Buffing). However, Thermicon™ technology uses heat, and in some cases, sensitive skin may experience temporary redness which fades within hours. Applying lotions like no!no!® Smooth after a treatment will help keep skin moisturized and healthy.


Can guys use no!no!®?

no!no!® can be used by both men and women.


Can I use it for hormonal hair growth?

no!no!® will remove the hair but you may not get the same long-lasting results as you would over time with continued use on regular hair. In cases of hormonal hair growth, please consult your doctor.


How long can NoNo!'s battery last for continuous use?

Maximum continue usage time 60 minutes.


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