Perfume C Shower Filter

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Perfume C Shower Filter
Showers are a part of an average Singaporean’s daily routine, with some of us taking more than one shower a day. But what most of us don’t know is that tap water contains residual chlorine, which when absorbed by the respiratory system, can be harmful to one’s health. Residual chlorine, together with impurities, rust and dirt from old pipes can cause various skin diseases. Perfume C Shower Filter is the newest natural sediment filter that helps filter and remove debris and particles present in tap water for cleaner water and healthier skin. 
It also helps maintain moisture on skin, which is great for dry skin, all whilst providing an aromatherapeutic effect with its natural scents. Available in two relaxing scents of Lemon and Lavender, it’s perfect for revitalizing and soothing your mind and body after a tired day. The 8000L filter capacity also allows for a long life cycle of about 45-60 days, with no worries about installation as well, as you can install it in mere seconds with its universal connection that fits virtually any shower head whether standard fixed, overhead rainfall, or hand-held. Simply disconnect, insert the shower filter, connect it to the hose and you’re good to go! 
Product Specifications
Made in Korea

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Collagen, Aroma Scent (Lemon/Lavender) 
Product Weight: 115g (Vitamin C cartridge: about 50g)
Rate of usage: About 8000L water usage. *Result may vary due to the number of usage times, water pressure, and water temperature

PH Level: 5.5


Recommended for the following people:
- Need a relaxing bath time after a long day
- Worry about residual chlorine in tap water
- Dry skin or find troublesome to use lotion after shower
- Sensitive to the smell of tap water

How to install on showerhead
1. Detach the water pipe and the showerhead apart.
2. Connect the Perfume C Shower Filter to the showerhead.
3. Install a water pipe on the other end and make sure the connection is tightened to prevent water leakage.
How to install on faucet
1. Detach the water pipe and the faucet apart.
2. Connect the Perfume C Shower Filter at the faucet outlet.
3. Please make sure to tighten the Perfume C Shower Filter to prevent water leakage.
- Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight
- Please confirm the installation direction before installing the product
- The usage time of the product depends on the frequency of use, the number of users, and the water pressure
- Recommended using it immediately after opening the product
- Do not drink the water filtered by the product

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe for all skin types?
Yes, the filter is safe for all skin types
How do I know when I should change out the filter?
Perfume C Shower Filter uses a transparent Polycarbonate case which shows the amount of perfume gel clearly. When it runs out one can easily replace the filter with a new one
What is the exchange cycle of the filter?
Approximately 45 to 60 days based on 44 litres/pax/day x 2 showers a day or 44ltrs/pax x 2 pax x 1 shower a day. It also depends on the water quality of your home (different for every household)
What is the temperature of use?
4C to 50C
Any expiration date?
3 years from date of manufacture, 150 days after opening



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