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Ultimo Blaster

Do you have a tap with a water flow that is too weak to accomplish anything? Do you want a stronger water flow without having to waste money on installing a new tap? Ultimo Blaster is able to achieve what you want! It is able to transform taps with weak water flow into a powerful sprayer!

It is so powerful that it blasts debris right off sinks, tableware and cutlery! With it, there is no longer a need to worry about not being able to clean an item well. It has 3 spray settings, making it suitable for all usage. It is even able to swivel 360 degrees to make cleaning so much easier for you!

It is able to quickly connect to most standard taps in mere seconds, making it very convenient to install! It is suitable for kitchen, bathroom and toilet faucets.


Easy Cleaning

If you've had dishes with dried up greasy or sugary residue, then you probably know how hard it is to clean them. In this situation, Ultimo Blaster may be your life saver. Ultimo Blaster turns your tap into a powerful jet blast that can knock debris right off sinks, tableware and cutlery! Lesser effort needed to scrub those tough stains.

Easy installation

Ultimo Blaster connects very easily to threaded faucets. You just need to turn and screw it in with your hands! Most of the time, you should be able to set it up on standard taps in mere seconds. It can be used on tap faucets in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

Control the water pressure

Easy cleaning, easy installation, easy... That's right! Easy control of water pressure! Ultimo Blaster has the easy one-click switch that helps you control the types of water flow you need. There is a super high pressure Jet mode used for fighting tough stains, a medium pressure Aggressive mode used for fast general cleaning, and a low pressure Wide mode for gentle cleaning. You can simply turn and rotate the Ultimo Blaster to switch between the three modes of water flow with a simple click... Easy!

Control the direction

Most of our taps are rigid and sometimes we need to use our hands to redirect the waterflow for rinsing the dishes. That's very inconvenient isn't it? Here comes Ultimo Blaster to the rescue! The extension tube allows Ultimo Blaster to swivel around in a 360 degrees fashion so that you can direct the flow of water in any desired directions. How does that make your cleaning sound? Easy!

Versatile design

Ultimo Blaster makes cleaning easy, is easy to install, and gives you easy control over the water pressure and direction. But the design definitely looks tough, because it is designed to fit both inner and outer diameters. No more excuses saying that you're unsure if Ultimo Blaster can fit your tap! If your tap has threads on the inside, the diameter should be 22mm and if yours has threads on the outside, then the right diameter is 24mm. 


Product Specifications:

Material: ABS, stainless steel, silicone


Frequently Asked Questions

How many spray mode it have?

Total 3 modes; Jet, Aggressive and Wide


It is even able to swivel 360 degrees?

Yes, swivel 360 degrees to help you make cleaning more easier.


How to install?

Step 1: Unscrew the existing standard nozzle from the faucet, make sure to use the silicone ring between the faucet and connector to prevent leakage.
Step 2: Screw on Ultimo Blaster in clockwise motion by hand but Do Not Overtighten
Step 3: If faucet leaks, tighten little more as needed until leak is stopped. (You may use plumber’s tape or thread sealer for more secured seal)


What's the dimension of the product?

With the clever design, Ultimo Blaster can be used in most taps from outer diameter 22mm to inner diameter 24mm. Most taps come in these two sizes in the kitchen sinks, bathroom taps and toilet faucets. 






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