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Ultimo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
A vacuum cleaner is an appliance that no home should be without. Even if you don't have a wall-to-wall carpet, a vacuum is a great tool for cleaning everyday clutter, such as pet fur on the floor or dust on the blinds. There are even some hidden places where you can't see the dust! 

The Ultimo Cordless Vacuum features great versatility by either being a handheld vacuum or converted to an upright vacuum to get even more suction power without the need for you to be closer to the ground! Comes with multiple detachable nozzles to clean different dirt types in one go. It is equipped with a 180° nozzle and a slim and compact design that allows precise collection of dirt, even in the most difficult places or near walls, furniture and corners. Different surfaces require different nozzles and attachments. In Ultimo cordless vacuum, attachments are easy to use and ready to use at the touch of a button, such as the small crevice integrated in the handheld vacuum and the brush attachment integrated in the tube. For any additional needs, there is also an electric motorized mini brush, ideal for removing pet hair, and an extra-long crevice tool for hard-to-reach places.

The Ultimo Cordless Vacuum special gives a convenient wall-mounted charging dock, ready for your next clean. High performance lithium ion batteries provide up to 40 minutes in normal mode and 20 minutes in turbo mode, with a full charge in 5 hours. Besides, two speed settings to suit different floors and dirt types. The transparent dust cup is easy to check and easy to clean the dust inside. In addition, there is no need to worry about any dust going back into the air because it has a latest technology removable high-grade H13 HEPA filter that prevents any air contamination.

Out of battery after prolonged usage? Swap it out with an optional additional battery pack. It’s that easy!


Product Specifications
Made in China

Product Dimensions: 112cm (Length) x 24cm (Width) x 25cm (Height)
Product Weight: 1.9kg
Suction Power: 12,000pa
Battery: 2200mAh
Working Time: 40minutes in normal speed, 20minutes in turbo speed
Noise: 65 - 70db
Power: 13.5W
Output: 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz
Dust Cup Capacity: 0.8L


Wash Care
- Remove the Dust Container and HEPA filter from the vacuum cleaner. 
- You may rinse the dust container to clean. Dry before installing back to the vacuum.
- Rinse the HEPA filter from inside out to push the dirt out of the surface. Please do not scrub the filter during wash. Air dry or towel try. Do not rub the surface as it will cause abrasion which will cause filtration inefficiency. 

Brush or remove any dirt off the roller brush head. There is no need to wash the brush heads unless required to. Make sure it gets dry before next use.

- Other parts of the vacuum cleaner are not recommended to be washed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mount the bracket to the wall?
You may wish to drill the bracket to the wall or use a removable double sided tape to hold the bracket. Make sure that the vacuum head is well rested on the floor in stand position to mark the position of the bracket to be wall mounted. Do not raise it too high up or mount the wall bracket too low.

Is the HEPA filter washable?
Yes, it’s washable. Dust the filter with a toothbrush to get rid of the larger dirts first. Rinse the filter under running water from the inside out. DO NOT wash from outside in as it will push the dirt deeper into the filter. DO NOT brush or scrub the filter when it’s wet.  After rinsing, please air dry it. DO NOT blow dry or put it under intense heat. Please ensure the filter is air dry completely before reusing it.


Can I use it to vacuum wet surfaces?
No, this vacuum is not designed to vacuum liquid.

How do I change from handheld vacuum to upright vacuum?
Simply remove the handle, swap the vacuum tube from the front of the vacuum to the back and attach the handle onto the tube. Attach the vacuum head directly to the vacuum front connection point.


How to remove the vacuum from the dust container?
Follow the alignment indication on the vacuum and the dust container, push them outwards to unlock, push them inwards to lock. After removing the dust container, there are indicators on how to remove the filters as well.

How to remove the roller floor brush from the vacuum head?
You will see an indication beneath the vacuum head’s surface that shows a keyhole to lock and unlock. Use any flat objects that are slim enough to fit to unlock the panel. Remove it and the brush can be removed to be cleaned. Do not soak or rinse with water.


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