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Ultimo Elite Mop
What happens when you mop the floor– only to leave trails of water on the ground from the mop? Mopping is supposed to be an effortless process, but not with just any regular mop! 

With the Ultimo Elite Mop, you can clean the floor with ease!


Thanks to its triple gear system with two level wash and dry system, don’t worry about leaving behind any water stains. Twisting the mop can be done without much strength too! 


The Ultimo Elite Mop is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene and stainless steel. It can be used on multiple surfaces, wet or dry. Its telescopic handle with 360 rotating head made from high quality, durable stainless steel. Cleaning corners, sides and high or tight spaces is also not an issue due to the side-folding mop plate and extendable handle. Ultimo Elite Mop’s dirt-trapping technology and TPR seamlessly mops up stains so that you can enjoy hands-free and fuss-free cleaning. It also comes with the pail’s easy carry handle and anti-slip base for your ease of usage. 


Not only that, microfiber mop pads help to reduce water usage, microfiber mops use about ten to twenty times less liquid than standard cotton mops. The effort of dipping and wringing a conventional mop is eliminated!




Made in China


Capacity: 7.5L

Weight: 1.9kg



Bucket - 29cm (Height) x 29cm (Length) x 24cm (Width)

Handle - 90cm (Shortest length), 120cm (Longest length)

Microfiber Mop Pad - 36cm




Assembling Bucket

Please align the base of the dehydration basket with the buckle on the inner wall of the water bucket and insert it vertically.

Replacing Mop Pad

- Stand the mop rod vertically on the ground, and then step on the mop head with your foot (Do not step on the mop tray).

- Tilt the mop rod to the outside slowly and forcefully, and hear a ‘click’ sound, which means the mop pad is separated from the mop tray.



How to Use

- Align the mop tray with the axis of the dehydration basket, vertically use the mop rod to gently press the dehydration basket up and down to achieve washing.

- When dehydrating, lift the mop rod and dehydration basket to the upper part of the bucket, and ensure that all the mop pad is placed in the dehydration basket and gently press up and down to achieve drying. 

- Last, tilt the mop slightly to remove.

- Before using, make sure that the parts and components of the mop rod are tightly joined.

- When the toggle is up, it turns to open, and when the toggle is down, it turns to lock.




- Do not exceed the maximum water level

- The mop rod 90 degrees is used vertically. Please open the toggle when washing, while close the toggle when mopping.

- Excessive water level will affect the drying effect. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use hot water to mop the floor?

Yes. The bucket is able to withstand 100°C of water



Why is my mop not spinning?

This happens when the mop is not positioned well or inserted fully into the bucket. Once it is well positioned, you will be able to spin the mop with the pull and push motion.



Can I buy more refills?

Yes, you may either call  +65 6386 8686 to order or you may visit www.JML.sg to purchase the refill individually. Do take note that if you are solely ordering the refills, there will be a delivery charge of $5.90.



How can I clean my bucket and mop head thoroughly?

Microfiber Mop pad

You can spin wash the microfiber mop pad. The microfiber mop pad is also detachable. After detaching it, you may manually hand wash or use the washing machine.



Unlock the locking latch on the splash guard and remove the splash guard. Lift the spinning basket and deep clean the bucket. Align the sides of the spinning basket with the bucket when assembling it back.



How do I assemble?



How do I remove the Microfiber mop pad from the mop head

1. Stand the mop rod vertically on the ground, and then step on the mop pad with your foot (do not step on the mop head)

2. Tilt the mop rod to the outside  slowly and forcefully, and hear  a “click” , which means that the mop pad is separated from the mop head.



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