Ultimo QuikDri Mat

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The Ultimo QuikDri Mat redefines your experience with floor mats. Designed for exceptional functionality, this mat features strong water absorption capabilities, quickly soaking up moisture to keep your floors dry and safe. Made from diatomite material, it's not only highly effective at drying but also eco-friendly. Cleaning is effortless – just rinse and it's good as new. The mat's quick-drying feature ensures there are no lingering damp odors in your home.


What sets the Ultimo QuikDri Mat apart is its slim and stylish design, which won't obstruct doorways like traditional, bulky mats. The non-slip rubber base ensures it stays firmly in place, enhancing safety. Plus, the 4-layer material composition provides a soft and comfortable texture underfoot.


With a strong resistance to dirt and wear, this mat is built to last, maintaining its excellence for a long time. Available in two convenient sizes (40x60cm and 50x80cm) and three stylish designs (swirls, blue, and grey abstract), the Ultimo QuikDri Mat is the perfect addition to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the diatomite material work in this mat?

Diatomite is a highly absorbent natural material. It quickly soaks up moisture, ensuring your floors stay dry. It's also eco-friendly and efficient at drying.

Is this mat easy to clean?

Absolutely! You can simply rinse the mat to clean it. It's designed for easy maintenance.

What makes this mat more stylish than traditional ones?

The Ultimo QuikDri Mat has an ultra-slim design that won't obstruct doorways, and it comes in three stylish designs (swirls, blue, and grey abstract) to complement your home decor.

Does it stay in place securely?

Yes, it features a non-slip rubber base for enhanced safety, ensuring it remains firmly attached to the ground.


How long does this mat last?

Thanks to its durability and resistance to dirt and wear, the Ultimo QuikDri Mat is built to last, providing long-lasting excellence.


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