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Vac Pack Go

Pack three times as much luggage in the same-sized bag! Place all your soft clothes into VacPack GO! storage bags and then let the VacPack GO! mini pump get to work, sucking all the air from your clothes, and tripling your storage capacity. Now you can store a suitcase-full of clothes in your hand luggage or, better still, take the same-sized bag and just take more clothes with you! Use VacPack GO! to protect and organize your luggage by keeping dirty laundry separate from clean clothes. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but powerful enough to reduce the bulkiest items down to half their size, this incredible little vacuum pump will save you time, money and space when traveling. And when you're not on the go, use VacPack GO! to protect, organize and reduce storage space in your cupboards at home.

Most of the 'bulk' of bulky clothes is just air. Trapped between the fabric and the fibres and left in the gaps between items that don't fit neatly together. Normally that's not a problem but when you have to pack all that air in your luggage - and even PAY to transport it on a plane, it seems ridiculous that you wouldn't remove it all first and only carry the clothes you want - not the air inside them. Using the super-easy VacPack GO! means you can leave that unwanted, space-stealing air behind, reducing luggage volume and tripling your luggage capacity. Just apply the palm-sized mini-pump to the special one-way valve in the VacPack GO! bags, to suck that bulky air out in seconds!

A vacuum pump that can suck all the air out of large, bulky items like jackets, duvets and pillows must be enormous, right? Wrong! The mini-pump of VacPack GO! is small and light, about the size of a drinks can, so you can take it wherever you go, to vacuum-pack your luggage on the way out AND on the way back!

Once you're on holiday there's always the issue of 'laundry'. You might not have access to washing and drying facilities, or you might not want to take the time out of your precious vacation to spend it scrubbing socks! The alternative, however, is packing dirty, smelly clothes back in the same case as your clean stuff. Not anymore! With VacPack GO! You can keep those smelly items compressed, sealed and separate from your clean clothes!

VacPack GO! isn't just for those few weeks a year when you go away. It's great for storing seasonal clothes like winter jackets and heavy duvets over the warmer months. Now your loft, cupboards and wardrobes won't be packed high with huge cardboard boxes of things gathering dust. With VacPack GO!, your clothes will take up a third of the space AND be protected from damp, insects and mould at the same time!


Product Specifications:
Made in China

Product Dimensions:
Small Bag - 40 x 60cm
Medium Bag - 50 x 70cm
Large Bag - 54 x 84cm
Vacuum Compressor - 4 x 4 x 7cm

Product Weight:
Net - 100g
Gross - 540g

Power: 5V
Power Port: Micro USB

- Keep each bag away from children and babies. 
- Not suitable for feather pillows and duvets. 
- DO NOT place food or liquids in the bags. In order to avoid damaging the pump, please ensure that all contents are completely dry before using. 
- DO NOT use with wet cloths or other wet items. 
- DO NOT place objects with feathers in the bags. 
- DO NOT use the bags to store any leather goods or fine clothing. 
- DO NOT overfill the bags it could damage the zipper and the bag. 
- DO NOT bend the zipper as it may not seal if it is deformed. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean and air dry. Vacuum time will vary depending on the item. Store bags in a dry and cool place.

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