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Ultimo Airlift Mop

Little to no effort is needed, and you can start cleaning away in a matter of a few seconds! Ultimo airlift mop serves as the only mop you will need - our universal multi-purpose mop is excellent for multiple surfaces, wet or dry. Its telescopic handle with 360 rotating head made from high quality, durable stainless steel. Cleaning corners, sides and high or tight spaces is also not an issue due to the side-folding mop plate and extendable handle. Ultimo Airlift mop’s dirt-trapping technology and TPR seamlessly mops up stains so that you can enjoy hands-free and fuss-free cleaning, coupled with the pail’s easy carry handle and anti-slip base for your ease of usage. 



Made in China


- Mop Handle: High-Quality Reinforced Stainless-Steel Pole 

- Refills: 3 Layer Microfibre Mop Head

Water Capacity: 4L


- Bucket Weight: 0.80kg


- Packaging length: 31cm (W) x 25cm (L) x 30cm (H)

- Mop length: 1.2m (Height), 2cm (Thickness)

- Mop Head: 23cm


Directions on usage: 


Fill the water into the bucket up to the “IDEAL WATER LEVEL” mark.


To Rinse -> Clean -> Dry Mop Pad in one step

1. Before rinsing the mop pad, push down the lock lever of the handle to unlock the rotating handle.

2. Push down the handle into the centre of the bucket and align the mop plate with the post till you hear a click sound to fix in position.

3. Push down the handle 5-6 times to rinse and brush off the dirt, grime and hairs from the mop pad.
Tip: If the mop plate did not lower downwards for rinsing, please lift the handle slightly to trigger the mechanism and push down again to start rinsing.

4. After rinsing at the lower level, the mop plate will rise automatically. Continue to push down the mop handle lightly for several times to spin dry excess water.

5. After spinning dry excess water, tilt the handle at an angle to remove the mop from the bucket. Afterwards, pull up the lock lever of the handle, and the mop is ready to use.



Mop Pads

The Microfiber Pad with Nylon Bristle and Scouring Pad are both machine washable.

Open the drainage slot at the bottom of the bucket and drain out the water. To clean the bucket, pull up the 3-pronged TPR brush for easy cleaning. After cleaning, push down the 3-pronged TPR brush into the self-lifting system post.




How to assemble the mop and to release the lever while spinningWATCH VIDEO >




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