ULTIMO Light + 18 Led Light

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Ultimo Light + 18 Led Light

The ultimate home lighting solution that puts beautiful illuminating light anywhere in your house safely and easily. With Ultimo Light’s included motion detector, glowing illumination is always at the ready. Featuring micro USB connectors, you have an array of different USB powering options. Plus with Ultimo Light’s USB connectable ends, you can expand your lighting possibilities just by connecting more sets of lights together. 


Sensor only works alongside with the battery pack. It will not work with other micro USB powered source.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my motion sensor causing the light strip to power up even though there isnt any movement?

If the motion sensor starts to activate even if there is no movement in the dark, it is because the batteries have became weak. Please change to a new set of batteries.


How long will the battery last?

Depends on how much you use it. If the light is always activated, it wil last about 2 days. If you do not activate the light that often, it will last longer. The same logic as usage of moblie phone.


Can i connect the LED light strip to two battery pack if i want to have two sensors, one on the level 2 of my staircase and another on the level 1?

You can attach two battery pack and motion sensor to both side of the light strip. When either side of the sensor sensed movement, the LED strip will light up. If both battery pack is powering up the light, it wil be brighter because of more battery power.


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