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Ultimo Mop Duo

Frustrated by bothersome washing? Stubborn stains? Bulky pails? Ultimo Mop Duo is here to solve all your problems and meet your cleaning needs! Our super absorbent sponge cleans up spills and liquids flawlessly, leaving your floors and surfaces squeaky clean. Effortlessly wipe up stains, wash and dry in a matter of a few seconds!


Forget constantly switching mops for different floorings, Ultimo Mop Duo does the job on all sorts of surfaces. The slim, lightweight bucket also allows for easy storage and mobility, with an extendable telescopic handle great for windows or even under beds. Use any sort of floor cleaner or detergent you like, and it will not spoil or damage the mop! Say goodbye to built-up dirt and mold like in traditional mops, as Ultimo Mop Duo dries up quickly and prevents molds and mildews. Its washing and drying time is also much faster and efficient!


Get your Ultimo Mop Duo now, so that you can keep your kitchen, toilet, living rooms or wherever spick and span in no time!




Made in China 


- Handle: Stainless Steel 

- Mop Sponge: PVA

- Bucket: Plastic 

Capacity: 4L

Gross Weight: 1.95 kgs


- Handle Length: 113~136 cm 

- Mop Sponge: 26cm(L) x 5.5cm(H)

- Bucket: 34cm(L) x 11.5cm(W) x 29cm(H)


Directions on usage: 

To assemble the handle, align the different poles and connect by turning clockwise. To assemble/replace mop sponge, place the sponge on the mop plate. Place both snaps on the slots and push outwards to secure, then press the clip on both ends to lock it. 


Before usage, ensure the mop sponge is wet and soft. If dry, soak into water before use. Fill the bucket with water not exceeding the maximum water level. Keep the pole upright during wash. To use, insert the mop handle into the corresponding slots (Wash/Dry/Store) for each task. For the Dry slot, ensure that you are pressing the mop down such that there would be a slight click sound when drying. 



To wash the PVA Sponge, simply rinse with water and mild detergent and lightly rub the sponge. Avoid using bleach. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this mop on any kind of flooring?

Ultimo Mop Duo works on many different floorings - tiles, wood, ceramics, glass and more.

Does it work on dry stains as well?

Ultimo Mop Duo absorbs all types of liquids, dirt, muck, mud, dust and hair efficiently and quickly. It works on certain dry stains, but do ensure that the mop isn’t overly dry when trying to clean dry stains. Mop Duo works best on liquid stains.

Can I use it to clean greasy/oily stains?

Avoid using Mop Duo to clean off grease/oil as PVA sponges tend to be more difficult to degrease. 

Is the mop free standing?

The mop doesn’t stand on its own, but it can freely stand vertically upright when inside the bucket under the “Store” slot. 

What do I do if my mop is stuck in the pail?

This usually happens if the mop slips off its slot. In the event that this happens, it is advisable to seek the help of another person to slightly pull and stretch the bucket to create a gap big enough to wiggle the mop out of its displaced position.  

Why doesn’t my sponge seem to be drying even after I have pressed it down several times in the DRY slot?

This is most likely because you are drying it incorrectly. Ensure that when you are drying the mop in the “DRY” slot, you hear a light click sound every time the mop is pressed down. There should be a slight force applied when using the drying function, or else the mop does not go deep enough into the bucket to be dried efficiently for optimal usage.

What are the different compartments for?

WASH: This slot is to be used for washing/wetting the mop sufficiently before use. Press up and down a few times lightly to complete the washing. 

DRY: This slot is to be used AFTER the wash slot. Press up and down a few times with slight force to dry the mop before use. 

STORE: This slot can be used regardless whether the mop is in use or not. When in use, you can place the mop in the STORE slot when moving your bucket around, or just to store your mop easily without worrying that you have to balance it on a surface. When not in use, you can also store your mop in the STORE slot, which helps you save a ton of space. 

What is the difference between the “WASH” and “STORE” function?

The WASH slot has a mechanism that washes the mop and cleans it more thoroughly than just simply soaking it in the STORE slot. As such, use the WASH slot just for washing, and the STORE slot just for storage. The STORE slot is designed for storage to help the mop balance perfectly upright without tipping over or dropping. As such, use the STORE slot for storage and NOT the WASH slot.  


Is there a maximum level indicator?

Yes, there is a marked level indicator on the bucket. Fill water up to that maximum level only.


How do I clip the PVA sponge in?

Can I buy the PVA sponge on its own?

Yes, you may. One PVA sponge is $7.90. 

My sponge has dried up. How do I continue using it?

Simply soak the PVA sponge in water for about 10-15 minutes or until it is sufficiently soaked, and you can use it as per normal again. 

How should I store my PVA sponge?

Detach the PVA sponge from the mop plate and store it in the bucket or a cool,dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. It may dry up after some time so do take note to soak it in water before using again. Alternatively you may also leave the sponge on the mop, but similarly do soak the sponge in water before usage should it dry up. 


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